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Words from the Director

Increased public awareness of the relationship between genetics and personal health has increased the demand for Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics testing.  The utility of this specialty area of lab service is apparent in many settings, such as prenatal diagnosis for inherited and congenital diseases, postnatal diagnosis and risk assessment in the areas of infertility, frequent spontaneous abortions, microdeletion syndromes, neurological disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, aging-related diseases, cardiology disorders, metabolic diseases, sensory disorders, sex-linked disorders, de novo and hereditary cancers.

The Hong Kong Clinical Cytogenetics and Medical Genetics Center (HKCMGC) provides various Clinical Diagnostic lab tests on inherited diseases and Assessment Tests on healthy individuals’ genetic profiles. 

Our laboratory is divided into two areas: Clinical Cytogenetics and Clinical Molecular Genetics. The Clinical Cytogenetics division involves state-of-the-art techniques in Chromosome Karyotyping, array Comparative Genomic Hybridization, and Fluorescence In-situ Hybridization; whereas the Clinical Molecular Genetics division involves techniques such as Sanger Sequencing, Next-generation sequencing and Gene Scan.  These genetic tests will be performed on clinical samples including blood, amniotic fluid, chorionic villi, bone marrow, and solid tumours.

We sincerely hope that the comprehensive panel of Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetic lab services which we offer will help the public and physicians make informed decisions about managing their health care.

Dr. Cornelia Man