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Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) Screening
Early Cancer Detection is Key
There isn't one form of cancer that does not benefit from early treatment. Catching it early greatly increases the survival rate and how cancer responds to treatment. CTC or circulating tumor cells are no different.

With early detection, you can take early intervention before it continues to develop and forms a new metastatic tumor. This particular circulating tumor cells early detection test is exclusive to our Hong Kong laboratory. Whether your risks are environmental or genetic, a circulating tumor cells early detection test can provide valuable insight into your health.
Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) Screening
utilizes China Food and Drug Association (CFDA) cleared CTC technology to efficiently identify and enumerate CTCs in a blood specimen. Its precise ability to detect tumor cells from a simple blood test makes it a convenient tool for early screening, cancer surveillance, therapy, and clinical trial monitoring.

Early Detection of Cancer greatly increases survival rates and the
chance for successful treatment

Why You Should Consider a Circulating Tumor Cells Screening
There are multiple reasons to consider a CTC early detection test, the previously mentioned catching it early is the main and primary reason. But a CTC test as extended uses beyond detection of a CTC cell. Those already diagnosed with a form of tumor and want to monitor their existing cancer and keep it under surveillance can also utilize a circulating tumor cells test.

Continuous monitoring of CTC numbers can provide an insight into the effectiveness of the treatment you have been receiving, whether or not you have had a relapse or recurrence or if the tumor has progressed further. 
Our Testing Facilities
HKCMGC provides state-of-the-art screening and testing facilities. CTC Screening is a convenient tool for early cancer detection. Our resident phlebotomist will collect a blood specimen and once the blood has been sent off for analysis you will receive your results within 12 working days.

Once you receive your results, our professional team will interpret them and give our expert analysis, along with recommendations on any actions you may consider taking going forward. This will help inform your future decisions and treatment planning with your doctors. For more information, please contact our team for details.
Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC)
are cells that have detached from the primary tumor mass, and are released into peripheral blood. When these tumor cells travel to distant sites and seed, they will continue to multiply and eventually form a metastatic tumor.
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circulating tumor cell
healthy cell
tumor cell
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Limitations of Current SoCs
Early Stage Cancer
Tumor biomarker analysis not feasible for detecting any signal in the
circulation when the tumor size is small
Relapse/ Recurrence Monitoring
SoC imaging such as PET, CT and MRI, and biopsy are limited in detection capability for small tumor sizes. Detection Limit*
PET scan: ~ 4mm
CT scan: ~ 3mm
MRI scan: ~ 3mm
*Depends on many parameters, e.g. tumor’s location, imaging isotope.(Ref: ErdiYE. MoI Imaging Radionucl Ther, 2012 Apr:21(1):23-28)
Chemotherapy, Radiation and Clinical Trial Monitoring
Biopsy: Surgically not accessible
Imaging: Repeated imaging not feasible
Who should consider the service
Anyone who considers preliminary screening
of circulating tumour cells
Individuals who are at increased risk of
developing cancer due to genetic
predisposition or environmental factors
Patients who are undergoing cancer treatment therapy to verify the success of the therapy and to
monitor complete remission
Patients with cancer who are participating in clinical trials to monitor drug response
Benefits of the CTC Screening
Cancer Screening
Early detection of tumor cells in the blood
Cancer Monitoring
Relapse or recurrence monitoring of
cancer patients
Efficacy Assessment
Assessment of response to treatment after
chemotherapy or surgery
Tumor Progression
Continuous monitoring of CTC numbers allows
for rapid detection of disease progression
Service Features
CFDA approved CTC technology
Screen the number of CTCs and its origin
Our technology can detect where the CTCs arouse from, e.g. CA breast, CA cervix, CA lung, Hepatocellular Carcinoma(HCC), CA ovary and more
Early detection
Can be used for preliminary screening during the
early stage of cancer, when biopsy, imaging, and
tumor marker analysis are not yet feasible
Cancer surveillance
Can be serially tested - anytime and multiple times
during the course of patient disease and treatment.
No radiation hazards

As a one stop service, our centre is also
equipped with the expertise in clinical
cytogenetics and molecular genetics platforms.

Make an appointment with our clinic
At the clinic, we will record and assess your family history and your concerns. You will be asked to give consent before our phlebotomist collects your blood
The blood specimen is sent to the laboratory,
to process the blood for cell analysis
CTC technology, integrated with fluorophore conjugated antibodies, is utilized to screen possible CTC candidates with high accuracy
Report will be ready within 12 working days, containing the number of detetced CTCs in the blood specimen, along with the interpretation
and recommendations